Winter Concert Survey

Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 12/5/2021

Hello, Choir Parents and Students!

We have two options regarding the Winter Concert. We can either KEEP the December 10 time, knowing students would not be able to participate in the FMS Dance OR move the concert to Sunday, December 12 from 7-8 PM. Students would still arrive at 6:15 to warm-up. Please fill out this short Google Form to share your preference, or text or email me to let me know. 

Please let me know your preference by 7 PM Monday evening.

I'm very sorry we are in this situation but wanted to make sure to try to get your feedback before making a decision. :)

If you missed the email I sent out on Friday, here is is below.

I wanted to let you know that a middle school dance has been scheduled for the same date and time as our Winter Concert, Friday, December 10. I was not aware of this event. I am working to see what we can do about this conflict. I will try to keep our concert on December 10, but the time may have to change. It is my hope that students will get to participate in both. Please keep checking for more info about our concert time early next week.

Thank you! Have a great weekend!

Ellie Parks, Choir Director,, 512-387-1466