Mid-September Updates

Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 9/19/2021 4:30:00 PM

Hi, All!

Wow, we have gotten off to such a great start! All of the choir students are working hard and enjoying singing together. We can't wait to show you our progress at our upcoming performance at the football game and our Fall Concert. Here are our current updates. Please email me with questions, comments, and concerns.

Remember that only bold and underlined events are required for ALL choir students. (So, for this update, nothing is required for ALL students, but still read closely in case an event is required for your child's choir.)

  • Wednesday, September 22, FULL All-State Rehearsal, 4-5:15. 
  • Thursday, September 23, Soprano/Alto All-State Rehearsal, 5-6:15 PM
  • Friday, September 24, Pep Rally Performance, 7:45 AM - the end of Pep Rally (Required for Varsity. This is a new event, but since it occurs during the school day we shouldn't have any conflicts.) 
  • Friday, September 24, Performance at Football Game, 6:15-7:45 PM (Required for Varsity)
  • Monday, September 27, Region Mock Auditions for Junior Varsity students, 4-5 PM
  • Tuesday, September 28, Moana Auditions, 4:30-6 PM
  • Wednesday, September 29, Moana Auditions, 4:30-6 PM
  • Thusday, September 30, FULL All-State Rehearsal, 5:00-6:15
  • Saturday, October 2, High School Region Auditions, Depart FHS at 6:30 AM for Wagner HS in Judson ISD, return TBD, but hopefully by 6 PM. WE ARE STILL IN NEED OF ONE VOLUNTEER. PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.