Q & A

What ages?   6 weeks through 3 years old and after school

What is cost of childcare? 

6 weeks through 23 months:       30.00 a day times 187 days
24 months to 36 months:            25.00 a day times 187 days

After school care is as follows

4 year olds              12.50 a day times 187 days
5-7 year olds           10.00 a day. Times 187 days
8-11 year olds         7.50 a day times 187 days

Will we take middle school kids?        No, we stop at 5th grade.

Will the buses drop our after school kids off at center?  Yes, they will.

Will we be open on In-service days?   I have not answered this one because I need clarification myself.  I told them I would get back to them ASAP.

Will we provide lunch and snacks?  My answer is not at this time. You will be required to provide your child’s lunch and snacks.

If my child doesn’t go all week do we still have to pay for a full week?   My answer is yes,  you are paying for that spot.