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The State of Texas Announces 2022 State Accountability Results

The State of Texas Announces 2022 State Accountability Results


FREDERICKSBURG ISD August 17, 2022 — Four out of five Fredericksburg ISD campuses who were assessed in the spring of 2022 received a "B" rating in the recently announced 2022 state accountability results, which illustrate and underscore the importance of the District's ongoing efforts to help students recover from a decrease in attendance, learning loss, and interruptions. 

The Texas Education Agency's 2022 academic accountability system measures all schools in three domains: student achievement, school progress, and how they are closing achievement gaps. Each school is assigned an A-F rating, and the District also receives a letter grade based on the performance of its schools and sub-populations. In the 2022 ratings, Fredericksburg High School, Fredericksburg Middle School, Stonewall Elementary School, and Gillespie County High School each received an overall "B" rating. Fredericksburg Elementary School and Fredericksburg Primary School received a "C" rating. Even though Fredericksburg Primary School students do not take the state assessment, they are paired with the Fredericksburg Elementary School, which mandates that they receive an identical rating. Although the District received a "C" rating, the 2022 results demonstrate progress and growth at both Gillespie County High School and Fredericksburg Middle School, which were last assigned a "C" in the 2018-19 school year.

"The last few years have been filled with many challenges, and I appreciate that the Board of Trustees have entrusted our restructured administration with the important work of improving our educational system so that it leads each student to success," said Fredericksburg ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joe Rodriguez.

During the last five years, Fredericksburg ISD has had multiple changes in leadership and four different principals at Fredericksburg Elementary School. 

"Since joining the District, we have worked tirelessly to bring stability across the organization, and we have spent countless hours with the FISD community to gain a greater understanding of our District's needs and how to best support students. We have recently established strong leadership teams so that we can continue our work to improve outcomes and the instructional instability that has existed the past few years," said Rodriguez.

We continue to be proud of the hard work of the students and staff, and we look forward to celebrating each accomplishment along the way. 


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