• Fredericksburg Primary/Elementary School PTO

    August 2020

    Welcome back to school!  We hope everyone had a safe summer vacation.  We are looking forward to a fun filled and productive school year.  The Fredericksburg Primary and Elementary School PTO is ready to help our school thrive and give our kids the chance to succeed.

    What is the PTO?
    The FPS/FES PTO is an organization made up of parents and teachers that support school staff to build a support structure that the teachers and students can thrive in.  

    What does the PTO do?
    The PTO helps teachers receive extra support and materials to build their classrooms.  We do this by organizing volunteers, promoting school spirit, funding special programs, and even fundraising for the schools.  Through PTO, parents and teachers come together to solve problems and generate ideas with the goal of improving and providing “above and beyond.”  Last year the PTO helped purchase a Die Cut machine with Die Cuts, computers, and assisted with the cost of the Science Festival and class field trips. 

    Why should I join?
    We need your unique gifts and ideas to make our school community better!

    What is my commitment level?
    You can participate as much or as little as you are able.  We have several opportunities throughout the year for you to volunteer your time and talents.  We also hold five meetings a school year.  Teachers, administrators, and parents get together to discuss various needs of the teachers, administrators, and upcoming school programs.  Meetings usually last less than an hour and children are always welcome.

    How much does it cost?
    The PTO requests $5.00 per family.  This money will help pay for any immediate needs requested by the teachers and/or administration.  To join, please go to https://FBGPTO.cheddarup.com 

    Connect with us on Facebook:  FPS & FES PTO 

    Email us at FISDPTO@outlook.com 

    Contact your 2020-2021 PTO Officers.

    President: Rochelle Haby
    Vice President: Carole Merrill
    Treasurer: Stacy Baccus
    Secretary: Ramsey Knight