• FES Remote Learning, COVID-19 Quarantine/Isolation FAQs. 

    Is remote learning a requirement during isolation or quarantine?
    To receive daily attendance and keep your child from falling behind in their academics, it is a requirement for your child to participate in remote learning.  

    How does my child access the remote learning materials?
    Remote learning assignments and materials are located on Google Classroom and assigned by your child’s regular classroom teacher.  Your child has accessed this site at school and should be familiar with it.  If you did not receive a copy of your child’s passwords for Google and other learning platforms, please call us at 830-997-9595 and ask to speak to someone about Google Classroom help.

    You can find parent help videos and other resources on our campus website by clicking on the “family” tab and choosing “Distance Learning Tab” 

    Can my student borrow a laptop from the school?
    Yes, please call us at 830-997-9595 to arrange a time to pick one up. 

    We don’t have internet in our home, where can we connect?
    The local internet company NextStream is offering to place free hotspots near homes for remote learning students in our area.  Please call them at 830-990-1118

    You can also access internet in any of the school parking lots or central office building.  

    What if my child is too sick to complete their work, we had an internet outage or another emergency preventing us from completing their schoolwork for the day?
    If your child does not feel well enough to complete their work, or they cannot complete all of their work for any reason, you are required to submit an absence note by emailing our attendance clerk, Lewisa Kerber at lewisak@fisd.org with the date and reason for the absence.  Students in remote learning are still subject to truancy laws and must attend 90% of the school year to receive credit.

    If a student is absent or they did not complete an assignment, they have 5 days to turn in the assignment with no penalty or reduction in grade.  After 5 days, the assignment will be considered “missing” and a zero will be placed in the grade book.  Missing, late or failing grades may be re-done for a grade of up to a 70, at the teacher’s discretion.  Grades may be checked on your TXconnect account and you must email the teacher to request to re-do an assignment. 

    What if we need help with Google classroom or an assignment?
    You can email your child’s teacher, send a seesaw message or for a quicker response please call us at 830-997-9595 and ask for Google classroom help. 

    How can I check my child’s grades as they complete remote learning assignments?
    Parents can check grades on your TXconnect account.  Grades are not on available for elementary students on Google Classroom.  If you need assistance accessing your TXconnect account please call Lewisa Kerber at 830-997-9595 

    Will I need to help my child with remote learning?
    Depending on the grade level and your child’s ability to navigate Google Classroom, your child may need just some help or a significant amount of help each day from a parent or another adult. 

    My child is in isolation or quarantine, can my child attend events at the campus or other campuses, such as football, basketball or other extra-curricular events during this time?
    No, your child needs to stay at home during the entirety of the quarantine or isolation period, caution should be taken by other family members that live in the home.   Please monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and call your doctor immediately if your child or another household member begins to display symptoms. 

    How is direct contact determined?
    Campus administration reviews seating charts, class rosters, bus seating charts and interviews teachers and staff that work closely with your student every day.  According to the Texas Education Agency and the CDC; close contact is anyone within 6ft for 15 minutes, accumulatively.