• Policies

    By registering you are authorizing Fredericksburg ISD, its employees and agents to transport me and/or my child(ren) to the hospital, doctor, or dentist in the event of an injury or accident. You agree to assume all medical costs incurred and further release Fredericksburg ISD, its employees and agents from all claims and responsibility for physical injury and property loss.

    *Enrollment will be on a first come, first served basis. 

    If a class is full or canceled, a 100% refund will be made.  Unless notified, report to class at the appointed time.


    LATE REGISTRATION - including the day a camp starts -  WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $10 PER CAMP.

    Registration fees can be refunded less a $10.00 processing fee, per person, per camp, when canceled 72 hours before a camp begins.         

    No refunds will be given after a camp has begun. Fees cannot be prorated for late enrollment or missed classes/sessions.

    If a refund is needed please email rachelm@fisd.org