• Stream Our Concert!

    Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 4/10/2021 10:20:00 PM

    Hello Teachers, Choir Parents and Students!

    We have already received 150 reservations for our concert THIS Tuesday at 7 PM! If you weren't able to get a reservation, don't worry, you can watch the concert LIVE by going clicking on this link: https://fredumc.org/live/

    If you believe you reserved a seat for the concert, you will receive confirmation via the mode of communication you chose on the Google Form by 5 PM, Sunday, April 11. When you arrive, look for the sign with your choir students' last name and check-in your attendance. 

    Our Concert will be held at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church. It is located at: 1800 North Llano: From Main Street in Fredericksburg go 1 1/2 miles North on Highway 16 (Llano St.) past the American Bank of Texas. The church is on the left at Driftwood and Hwy 16. 

    For your convenience, here is the permission slip/info sheet once again. Spring Concert Permission Slip Please email me with any questions or concerns. Have a nice day! 

    Ellie Parks
    Choir Director
    FMS / FHS
    Fredericksburg ISD
    997-7551, x 1173 
    512-387-1466 (cell)
    Website: www.fisd.org/choir
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  • Concert Reservation Form

    Posted by ELLEN PARKS on 4/6/2021 1:05:00 PM

    Hello Teachers Choir Parents and Students!

    Please use this form to reserve your spot for our upcoming concert next Tuesday, April 13 at 7 PM at First United Methodist Church!


    We can accept the first 150 reservations. The concert will also be live-streamed, and I will send out that info as soon as I have it. Please see the info sheet/permission slip below, and email me with any questions or concerns at elliep@fisd.org. 

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  • UIL & Spring Concert Update

    Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 3/28/2021 3:30:00 PM

    Good Afternoon, Choir Parents and Students!

    Please see our exciting updates below! We have two in-person concerts to look forward to finish out the year, as well as an in-person UIL Concert and Sight-reading for our High School Students! Attending the concerts in-person will be possible by reserving your spot ahead of time. Details on how to do that coming ASAP.

    Our high school students, especially those in Varsity, need to show their commitment to choir by practicing at home and attending our after school rehearsals these next few weeks. A contract is going home tomorrow that details the specific responsbilities we all MUST uphold in order to be successful at our next concert and UIL. I've attached it here as well.

    Varsity UIL Contract

    JV UIL Contract

    Please email me with any questions, comments of concerns.

    I couldn't be more excited to finally perform and compete with you all in-person!

    • Tuesday, March 30 NO Honor Choir
    • Wednesday, March 31, A Cappella Club at FHS, 4-4:45
    • Thursday, April 1, Varsity Full Rehearsal, Quiz Grade, 4-4:45
    • Tuesday, April 6, NO Honor Choir due to STAAR Testing
    • Wednesday, April 7, A Cappella Club at FHS, 4-4:45
    • Thursday, April 8, Varsity Full Rehearsal, Quiz Grade, 4-4:45
    • Monday, April 12, JV and Varsity Dress Rehearsal, Required Test Grade, 4-5:30
    • Tuesday, April 13, Pre-UIL / Spring Concert FMS & FHS, 7 PM (Test Grade. Students stay after school to rehearse. More details coming soon. First United Methodist Church. Info Sheet is attached here)
    • Wednesday, April 14, A Cappella Club at FHS, 4-4:45
    • Thursday, April 15, Varsity Full Rehearsal, Test Grade, 4-4:45
    • Monday, April 19, JV and Varsity Rehearsal, Required Test Grade 4-5:30
    • Tuesday, April 20, UIL Concert & Sight-reading Required Test Grade Details TBD
    • **Looking ahead** Thursday, May 20, FMS / FHS End of the year Pop Show, 6 PM FHS Auditorium 

    Spring Concert Permission Slip

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  • Quick Update

    Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 2/25/2021 5:00:00 PM

    Hello Choir Parents and Students!

    I will send out a more in depth update by early next week.However, I wanted to share with you a clip for our latest performance, Singing Valentine's performance. 

    Choir Officers from Treble Choir and Mixed Choir, along with some volunteers from each group came to before and after school rehearsals to prepare an a cappella arrangement of "Can't Help Falling in Love." We then shared our performance with classrooms around FHS. 

    Thank you to all students who put in the extra time to prepare for this performance. We did an amazing job, and your peers and teachers enjoyed the performance and we're really impressed. Great job! 

    Singing Valentines Video

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  • January 10 Update

    Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 1/10/2021 2:00:00 PM

    Happy New Year! 

    I hope you are all enjoying this snowy day. It is so beautiful!

    We will have Yearbook Pictures on Thursday! For 7th Period, this will be during class. For Varsity, this will be at our after school rehearsal. Please wear/bring your choir shirt!

    (FHS This message is for FHS Varsity Choir Parents and students. FMS Info is Below)

    I want to take a moment to remind you all about our weekly after school rehearsals: Tenor/Bass Sectionals, Wednesays from 4-5 and Full Varsity Rehearsal, Thursdays from 4-5. 

    Each rehearsal will be entered into the gradebook as a Quiz Grade. This is not news to the students. They have known about this since October. Furthermore, since we are preparing for more performances and competitions this semester, participation in these special events is dependent on at least 90% participation in these rehearsals. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this!

    FMS Honor Choir:

    I'm very exctied to be starting this optional group this semester! Our first rehearsal is THIS Tuesday, from 3:45-5:00 in the choir room. Snacks will be provided. Please bring the attached/linked agreement to the reheasal. Let me know if you have any questions!

    FMS Honor Choir Agreement

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  • Merry Christmas!

    Posted by ELLEN PARKS on 12/22/2020 9:35:00 AM

    Hello, Choir Families!

    I hope you are all on your way to enjoying some well deserved time off. As I told the students, I know this semester posed many challenges, but I have been honored to experience this unusual time making music with them!

    I think more than ever, we can all appreciate the true gift of singing together.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and please enjoy our Christmas Concert at the link below. Make sure to watch all the way to the traditional closer for FISD Choirs, "Night of Silence" with "Silent Night."

    See you in 2021!

    FMS/FHS Christmas Concert

    Ellie Parks
    Choir Director
    FMS / FHS
    Fredericksburg ISD
    997-7551, x 1173 
    512-387-1466 (cell)
    Website: www.fisd.org/choir
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  • December 9 Update

    Posted by ELLEN PARKS on 12/9/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Hello, Choir Families!

    Thank your for your patience we navigate these tumultuous times at the middle school and high school. 

    I'm happy to report that each class has at least one song prepared to share with you all! We will do so by way of in-class performances that we will record and share out here on the website and through social media. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about why we are presenting the Christmas Concert in this way. elliep@fisd.org

    We are carrying on our traditions of Christmas Concerts past to the best of our abilities. My goal is to have all of these ready to share with you throughout next week, but it will be an editing adventure, so we will see! The details for each group are below. Please help your child remember their concert day information.

    Middle School Performance Days

    When: Monday, December 14 & Wednesday, December 16, DURING CLASS

    What: Please wear Choir Shirts, jeans, and any Christmas/holiday accessories you have! If you can, please bring extra to share. You must wear your choir shirt and jeans to school, but you may add your accessories during class. 

    High School Performance Days

    For all high school groups, please wear/bring concert black with any holiday accessories. (We will have time to change inot our performance outfits.) Ugly Christmas Sweaters are great too!

    6th Period - during your 6th period final time, 11:10-12:40 on Thursday, December 17

    7th Period - during your 7th period final time, 2:15-3:50 on Thursday, December 17

    8th Period - during your 8th period final time, 11:00-12:30 on Friday, December 18

    Varsity - Carol of the Bells performance (lunch/holiday party provided!) 12:30-2:00 on Friday, December 18

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  • November 15 Update

    Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 11/15/2020

    Choir Parents and Students:

    The last week or so has been an interesting ride, but not to worry! Our Winter Concert prep is not canceled or on hold, it's just changing.

    Please know that the easiest and simplest way for students to stay on track is for them to attend daily Google Meets during their regular class time! (See the class section tab of this website if you're unsure of what time that is.) All info for the Google Meet can be found in Google Classroom. Text or email me if you have questions!

    Below, I've attached helpful tips for parents and students that should help make this transition easier. 

    High School Updates:

    Varsity: Plan for a Full Rehearsal Google Meet on Thursday during our normal time. More info coming soon. We will NOT have Tenor/Bass practice on Wednesday. 

    Middle School Updates: 

    I am SO excited for the 7 of you who opted to sign up for Region! We will use zoom for our first rehearsal, TOMORROW from 4:00-5:30. The reason for switching to zoom, is that it allows for more customization with the audio settings, so we should have better sound quality. Here is the link. You shouldn't need to download anything extra to access zoom, just click on the link. https://zoom.us/j/95531225342?pwd=NEFIUG16VG5SQmRIakNQRFpyUlpzQT09

    Here is the schedule:

    All Region Students: 4:00-4:05

    Soprano 2s: 4:05-4:30

    Altos: 4:35-5:00

    Tenors: 5:05-5:30

    Please make sure to use the practice tracks for YOUR voice part some before tomorrow. They can be found in the "Classwork" section of Google Classroom in a material titled: 000 Region Sheet Music & Practice Tracks.

    If any students would like to sign up to participate in Region, please see Google Classroom for the permission slip and information. Email or text me if you need help. 

    Tips For Parents: help your singer find and prepare a spot in the home for recording and for virtual choir class! Give lots of space - your singer might not be ready to share their voice. Offer encouragement, and monitor sibling responses when possible. How to respond if your child says they're bad at singing: "I hear these good things..." "You're learning! It's okay to not be perfect!" "You might not b eable to do it YET, but you're learning how, and you can get there." 

    For students for Online School in General: Stick to your normal schedule as much as possible. Work on your classwork for each class during your actual classtime! Maybe you'll surprise yourself and finish early. Try to get outside at least once a day. Schedule FaceTimes with your friends. Pick up a new hobby. Help your parents/family. Other ideas? 

    Tips For Students


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  • Fall Concert Videos

    Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 10/28/2020 4:40:00 PM

    Choir Students:

    Thank you for your work in preparing for the Fall Concert! I know this was different from past concerts, but so much remained the same! Most importantly: we joined our voices together as one to create music for our audience. :)

    MIDDLE SCHOOL Parents and Students, please enjoy the videos from our concert here:


    High School Parents and Students, please enjoy the videos from our concert here:


    Also, know that the future will bring more opportunities to work together, sing together, perform for our families, and learn music that is even more challenging and rewarding! This year has been an adventure, and at times very challenging for choir, but I am hopeful the year will become more enjoyable each day.

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  • October 25 Updates

    Posted by ELLIE PARKS on 10/25/2020 9:45:00 AM

    Hello Choir Parents and Students!

    Congratulations to our students who performed at the Volleyball Game Friday! 

    We have some exciting updates/upcoming events! It's concert week!

    • Monday, October 26, Middle School Informal Fall Concert/Retreat, FMS Choir Hall & Band Hall
      • This is an informal event for students ONLY. Here is the info sheet that went home last week.  
      • This concert will be streamed through ZOOM beginning at 5:30 5:45 PM. A recording will also be emailed by Wednesday. Thank you for your flexibility as we navigate these unusual times. ZOOM info is below. You do NOT need a log in ID, or to download an app. You can simply click on the link provided.
        Join Zoom Meeting
    • Tuesday, October 27, High School Informal Fall Concert/Retreat, FHS Choir Hall & Auditorium
      • This is an informal event for students ONLY. Here is the info sheet that went home last week. 
      • This concert will be streamed through ZOOM beginning at 6:00 PM PM. A recording will also be emailed by Thursday. Thank you for your flexibility as we navigate these unusual times. ZOOM info is below. You do NOT need a log in ID, or to download an app. You can simply click on the link provided.
        Join Zoom Meeting
        If you join without the link, here is the Meeting ID: 919 8863 3449 and the Passcode: pW9XrH
    • Friday, October 30, FULL Varsity Choir performance at Home Football Game, Meet in Choir Hall at 6:30 PM

    T-shirt Fees are PAID! Thank you to those who donated generously to make this happen!!! We should receive our shirts this week.  

    Parents: If you think you might like to volunteer at all this year, please fill out this form and turn it in to me. Central office will not accept scanned copies. 

    Some things to keep in mind:

    • FHS Students: As mentioned in the Choir Handbook, Weekly Varsity Rehearsals on Wednesdays from 4:00-4:30 (Tenor/Bass) and Thursdays (FULL rehearsal) from 4:00-4:45 are REQUIRED. Students will receive a quiz grade based on their attendance and participation. These reherasals are SO important because we do not have the opportunity to rehearse together during the school day. If you have an on-going conflict, such as play practice or basketball season, etc. please email me to notify me of the conflict and exactly when the conflict will end, so I can plan accordingly.  
    • If/when you're quarantined, choir doesn't stop! I post our classes to Google Classroom almost everyday, and it's as simple as following along with the videos so you're prepared when you return! 
    • This is also true if you're out sick. As long as you feel well enough to hum along, please do. :-) Even listening is better than coming back not knowing what we've covered.

    Best ways to contact me after school hours:

    1. Through remind (see previous post about how to sign up)
    2. Text 512-387-1466
    3. Through email: elliep@fisd.org
    Ellie Parks
    Choir Director
    FMS / FHS
    Fredericksburg ISD
    997-7551, x 1173 
    512-387-1466 (cell)
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elliep@fisd.org, 997-7551 ext. 1173