• Mrs. Flink’s Classroom Schedule

    7:30-7:55 Breakfast in the Cafeteria

    8:00-8:30: Unpack backpacks and morning announcements, Welcome Circle

    8:30-9:30:  Work Stations and IEP goals

    9:30-10:00: Whole Group Lesson

    10:00-10:05: Water Break/Restroom

    10:05-10:40: Whole Group Lesson (Monday:Music and movements, Tuesday: Motor Lab, Wednesday: Art Table, Thursday: Art Table, Friday: Cooking and sensory lesson)

    10:45-11:30: Specials (M-Computer Lab, T-Science, W-Art, Th-Library, F-Science)

    11:30-12:00: Recess

    12:00-12:30: Lunch

    12:30-1:00: Restroom/Whiteboard Activities

    1:00-2:00: Quiet Time

    2:00-2:30: Snack/Restroom/Table Activities

    2:30-3:15: M/F- Music, T/W/TH- PE

    3:15-3:25: Closing and Launch

    3:25-3:30: Bus/Car Dismissal