Flyer Distribution

  • Fredericksburg ISD does not allow for-profit businesses to distribute paper flyers to students.

    The district prohibits for-profit businesses from displaying flyers within campus hallways.

    All flyers, posters, and other promotional materials from approved boosters, PTAs, student clubs, and other school/district-approved departments and programs should be approved by the community relations department and/or FISD designee and should include a disclaimer at the bottom that states it has been reviewed and approved.

    ONLY non-profit organizations are approved for electronic flyer distribution through the Peachjar system.

    The Peachjar system manages electronic flyer distribution on behalf of Fredericksburg ISD as a resource for our parents to stay more connected to our internal support organizations (like PTA and Booster Clubs) and to the approved non-profit community partners.

    The Peachjar e-flyer service is provided as an opportunity for non-profit organizations to share information that is beneficial to FISD parents and students and is not a source of advertising revenue for the district. (For-profit vendors will be denied approval for district-wide distribution of their products/services.)

    Flyer approval does not constitute an endorsement. Approval simply means the material has been reviewed and meets the guidelines for district-wide electronic distribution. FISD administration reserves the right to rescind approval to any organization or person if a complaint is received or the organization or person violates instructions.



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