• National Honor Society By-Laws

    Fredericksburg High School



    • Juniors and seniors with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75 on a 5.0 scale will be academically eligible for membership in the Fredericksburg High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.
    • Prospective members must not have been assigned to ISS for any reason the 2 full academic years previous to their nomination to NHS.
    • Prospective members must not have been assigned to AEP at any time, for any reason, during their high school career.
    • Additionally, multiple infractions of school policy (dress code, tardies, absences) which have led to placement in any combination of Extended Day or Saturday School may also be reason for non-acceptance. Following school and classroom rules directly touches on the leadership and character pillars of NHS.
    • Prospective members must, during their high school career, have participated in one (1) or more community service activities (any service that benefits the community, locally or globally, for which NO COMPENSATION has been received and is not part of a class for which a grade is received). These community service activities must be able to be verified by a non-family member and will be part of the written questionnaire explained below.



    • After receiving an invitation, prospective members must complete the student questionnaire form by the required deadline.
    • An essay about one or more of the four pillars of National Honor Society will be required. The essay topic will be different every year.
    • A list of prospective members will be provided to all faculty, staff, and administration for evaluation based on prior experience with each applicant according to the four pillars of NHS: character, scholarship, leadership and service. This includes analysis of their discipline history and community service activities.
    • Student questionnaires, essays, and the results of the faculty review will then go to the FHS-NHS Faculty Council for evaluation and a final decision on membership.
    • Students accepted as members must agree to participate in the induction ceremony and attend all meetings.



    It is important that each prospective member and their family understands that membership in NHS is a privilege and not a right. An invitation to apply for membership is based solely on grade point.  It does not take in to consideration discipline, service, involvement in Pre-AP/AP, the faculty review or any other factors evaluated by the FHS-NHS Faculty Council. Therefore, it is not an automatic guarantee of acceptance.  


    It is the responsibility of all prospective members to read the Bylaws of the Fredericksburg Chapter of the National Honor Society as posted on the Clubs and Organizations page of the FHS website.  A printed copy of the bylaws will be furnished upon request.


    STANDARDS:  All members must maintain the high standards of the National Honor Society which include character, scholarship, leadership, and service.  Failure to maintain those standards may result in membership probation and/or dismissal from the Fredericksburg High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.


    • Grades: Any NHS member who receives a failing grade on a report card will be placed on probation for no more than two 3-week grading periods.  During that time, the member must continue to be present at all meetings, raise their grade to passing, and then meet with the Faculty Council to ask for reinstatement. If grades are not passing at the second 3-week progress report, the student will receive a dismissal letter, and must appeal to the Faculty Council for the possibility of maintaining membership.
    • Attendance: Mandatory meetings will be held at a time determined by the officers and adviser. Attendance is required at all meetings and NHS functions.  If a member is unable to attend the meeting or function, he/she must provide the sponsor with a letter or email signed by their parent or guardian explaining the absence.  Members will receive a warning for the first absence that does not follow these guidelines.  On the second absence with no letter or email, the member must make a written appeal to the Faculty Council for the possibility of retaining membership.  Further absences will result in automatic dismissal.
    • Behavior: Behavior/character infractions which may lead to warnings, organizational probation or dismissal from NHS include, but are not limited to, cheating, disobedience according to the school code of conduct (which may include teacher assigned discipline, discipline referrals, and persistent infractions of dress code, tardy and absence policies), or assignment to ISS/ AEP for any reason.  Such infractions will require the member to appeal to the Faculty Council within one week for the possibility of retaining membership. Behavior infractions and disciplinary actions outside of school may be included.
    • Service: Newly inducted members are required to perform 20 hours of service in the local, state, national or global community by the first meeting in May after their induction. No hours will be counted that occurred before induction.  Second year members will be required to perform 40 hours of community service by the first meeting in May.  The hours may come from any combination of community or educational service.  Service hours may include hours completed on behalf of or as a requirement for membership in another organization (for example, Student Council, Interact or Scouts) but not in relation to a class for which the student receives a grade. See separate Service Hours Sheet for information, rules, and exceptions.  Any NHS member who performs 100 or more service hours (cumulative from 1st and 2nd years) will receive an honor cord to wear at graduation along with the NHS stole.  Service hour forms must be turned in by the first meeting in May unless otherwise stated by the sponsor. Failure to complete service hours will result in dismissal from NHS.


    ANNUAL DUES:  Dues are $20 per year of membership. These annual dues must be paid to the treasurer or the Faculty Adviser by the end of the December semester for current members. No senior member will be allowed to wear an NHS stole or honor cord at graduation if dues have not been paid. The deadline for payment of dues for newly inducted members is the first meeting after induction, usually in January.


    REVIEW-PROBATION-DISMISSAL: Upon receipt of a letter of warning from the faculty sponsor, the individual will have no longer than one week to respond in writing explaining the incident that caused the warning (behavioral or academic). The letter should be delivered to the faculty adviser by the stated deadline. The Faculty Council will decide whether to accept the student’s response, put the student on probation or dismiss the student from the organization. Procedures for dismissal are to be determined by the local school’s NHS Faculty Council with review by the principal, superintendent, school board, school system attorney, etc., when necessary.


    OFFICERS OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL:  Leadership positions include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activity Director, and Public Relations Director. Descriptions of each office will be provided to prospective candidates by the faculty adviser. Elections are open to any junior member in good standing with the organization.  NHS officers will be elected each year and will be held to a higher standard than other members of the organization.  A student who wishes to become an officer will submit an application, make a speech to the membership explaining their qualifications for office, and be voted on by the membership.  Voting takes place by secret ballot under the direction of the Faculty Adviser and members of the Faculty Council.  Elected officers become part of the NHS Executive Council. The Executive Council will be responsible for running each meeting and will consult with the Faculty Advisor prior to each NHS meeting to decide on an agenda.  Officers placing themselves in a position requiring disciplinary action will be expected to resign their office.  The Executive Council reserves the right to decide whether to elect or appoint officers to fill vacated positions.


    FACULTY ADVISER: The Faculty Adviser serves as a director and adviser to the executive council and the local NHS chapter. Additionally, he or she is the liaison to the state and national organizations. The Faculty Adviser will have the final word on organizational decisions and plans made by the Executive Council.


    The Faculty Adviser is not a member of the Faculty Council, does not vote, and has no part beyond a clerical one in the admission, non-admission, review, probationary status, reinstatement or dismissal of any candidate/member. Questions or concerns about such decisions should be addressed to the FHS principal.


    FACULTY COUNCIL:  The Faculty Council is a required entity of NHS.  The members of the Faculty Council shall be teachers at Fredericksburg High School who represent the various departments at FHS.  The function of the Faculty Council is to review procedures of the chapter; to select members, and to consider non-selection of candidates. Additionally, the Faculty Council shall have the authority to issue warnings and impose probation on members. Finally, the Faculty Council acts as a disciplinary review board and has the authority to dismiss members from the local chapter.


    All decisions made by the Faculty Council may be subject to review by the FHS principal. All questions or concerns about decisions made by the Faculty Council should be addressed to the FHS principal.