Sarah Wylie
  • Hello! 

    My name is Sarah Wylie. This is my first year as the Middle School Campus Secretary. I graduated from FHS in 2007, and though I moved away for a few years, I am so excited to be back home in Fredericksburg and to continue my career in the district. Last year I worked as a Paraprofessional at FMS, and before that I was a Paraprofessional at Lanier Elementary School in Tampa, Florida. I am passionate about education and giving students the resources and foundation they need to grow into their most authentic selves. 

    My daughter Lillian, my entire heart outside my body, is in 5th grade at FES this year. We have two dogs, Rocco and Sprout, and a cat named Pancake. 

    While this, and every school year presents unique challenges, I am confident that our Administrators, Teachers, and Staff will work together to create a positive and successful learning environment. 

    Billie Pride, Uber Alles.