• If you would like to take senior portraits on July 27-28, you must sign up for a time slot on the website link below. Use the personal code sent to you by Prestige Portraits to sign up, or find your legal name on the list.


    If you are not available on those two dates, the photographers will be available during the school day on September 28, and we will schedule those appointment times once school begins. 

    The photographer will have the drape and tux for the yearbook photo, and there is no cost for these photos. On the link, you will choose the “no cost” option if you only want to take the yearbook photo.  It will state that there is “one outfit.” That outfit is the drape or tux.

    The photographer will have the cap and gown if you are choosing to take those photos; there is an additional cost, which is listed on the website link. If you are a National Honor Society member, we will have stoles available for you to use with cap and gown photos.

    You need to bring your outfit of choice if you are choosing to take those photos; there is also an additional cost for these photos, which is listed on the website link. That outfit does not need to be in dress code since they are your personal photos, and the school does not use them at all. 

    Proofs will be emailed to the parent email on file, and they will also be mailed to the home address on file. Portraits will not be purchased on the day of the photos.

    Boys should be clean shaven with their hair cut to dress code requirements.  Natural colored hair will only be accepted, and boys may not have piercings, and girls may only have ear piercings. 

    Portraits will be taken in the main building. Enter through the office and report to the front of the library to check in.

    If you have any questions or issues, please email kimz@fisd.org.