• Ancient Greek ActivitiesHow is our government similar to the Ancient Greek government?  If we have time when we come back to school we will spend some time researching this.  


    Some of these pages will look familiar to you if you are in grades 2-5.  We have used some of these to begin our Ancient Greek studies, but some of these will not be familiar.  

    You are welcome to do any of these activities, but I am especially interested in the sections on different types of government and the sections on Alexander the Great. 

    Pages 4-12 give good general information about different Ancient Greek topics.

    Pages 14 and 15 present the basics on Greek numbers and word affixes.

    Pages 16-23 present information that includes a section on Alexander the Great.  

    Page 12 presents a suggested assignment about creating a travel brochure on either Athens or Sparta.  You may certainly do this and bring it to class when we return.  

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