FHS Amateur Radio Club

  • Welcome to the FHS Amateur Radio Club. Our club call sign is K5FHS.

    The club will encourage FHS students to explore and learn the properties and principles of amateur radio. The students will obtain hands-on experience with electronics, circuits, and radio wave propagation, with the end goal of receiving their Amateur Radio license. 

    Meetings will be scheduled shortly and will be lessons on what is necessary to obtain an Amatuer Radio license. Other events include: School Club Roundup, Field Day, Amateur Radio in the Classroom, ARES, RACES, and fox-hunts. 

    Community amateur radio operators are welcome to support the FHS club through mentorship, sponsorship, and tutorship. 


    • George Burns (W5GAB) georgeb@fisd.org

    • Keith Jenkins (KI5DFU) keithj@fisd.org

    • Officer Chris Ayala

     Club Officers:

    • President: Aquilino Perez

    • Vice-President: Lane Walendorf
    • Treasurer: Landon Sparrow

    • Secretary: Falon Newman

Last Modified on January 2, 2020