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  •  Mr. Keith Jenkins

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    • Intermediate Backward Walking
    • Advanced Underwater Star Gazing
    • Metal Detecting for Beginners


    Tutoring: 2nd Tuesday of Every Week 4pm-5pm

    Daily Schedule:

    • 1st Period: 8:00-8:55am
    • 2nd Period: 9:00-9:55am
    • 3rd Period: 10:00-10:55am (Conference)
    • 4th Period: 11:00-11:55am
    • 5th Period: 12:00-12:55pm
    • 6th Period: 1:00-1:55pm
    • 7th Period: 2:00-2:55pm
    • 8th Period: 3:00-3:55pm
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Last Modified on July 15, 2021