• Below are technology help options for diagnosing issues with classroom technology. If the issue cannot be resolved, please follow the instructions below to submit a help request. 

  • In order to properly diagnose and fix a technology issue in the classroom, we need a Help Request submitted. Please provide all required details, such as room number, phone extension, and computer name. The phone extension is listed on the screen of your classroom phone and the name of the computer is located by double clicking the app on your desktop call Get Computer Name. 



    1. Open Eduphoria, found on intrasp.fisd.org or at www.schoolobjects.com 
    2. Enter your email address and password for Eduphoria
    3. Select Technology 
    4. Locate the most relevant option from the list. Example: Connected Classroom for your projector, document camera, white board, etc. 
    5. In the description field, list as much information as possible about the technology issue. "The computer does not work" is not enough information.
    6. Click Submit at the bottom right. 
Last Modified on May 1, 2020