• ​Unit 1: Analyzing Fiction, Non-Fiction, World Literature​/ Foundations of Reading, Responding, & Interacting with Literature

    Unit 2: EOC Review: Analyzing Drama and Poetry/ EOC​/ Analyzing & Composing Literary Text 

    ​Unit 3: Analyzing Informational Text/Analyzing & Composing Informational & Argumentative Texts/ EOCs/Finals

    ​Unit 4 : Analyzing Persuasive Text and Speeches/ Marshaling Evidence/ Rhetorically Analyzing & Producing Argumentative Texts

    ​Unit 5: Creating Connections Across All Genres/ Media Literacy/ College & Career Connections/ Connecting Messages Across Literary, Informational, & Argumentative Texts

    Unit 6: Researching, Synthesizing, Producing in Multiple Genres & Modes/EOCs/TKAM/Finals

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First Quarter

Literature & Culture: Mentor Text: Personal Essay Model Gothic Story Magical Realist Story Media: Informational Graphic Mentor Text: Argument Model Short Story Media: Video Writing Process Practice: Write a personal essay Timed writing Revising & Editing Write an argumentative essay Multiple Genres connection: Short Story Media: Photo Gallery Interviews Poetry Collection Delivering Formal Presentations Presenting an advertisement Critcisms Explanatory Nonfiction Newspaper Articles Myths Memoirs Media: Radio Broadcast Lectures

Second Quarter

Literature & Culture: Mentor Text: Informative Model Short Story Media: Photo Essay Writing Process Practice: Write a formal research report Write an explanatory essay Revising & Editing Multiple Genres Connection: Journalism Poetry Short stories Magazine Articles Give and Follow Oral Instructions

Third Quarter

Literature & Culture Drama Readings: The Tempest Act I-V Writing Practice: Write an Argument: Literary Analysis Write an Argument Revision & Editing Multiple Genres Connection: Informational Text Poetry Speeches Public Speaking Refective Essays Web Articles Book Reviews Criticisms Folktales Novels &/or Excerpts

Fourth Quarter

Literature & Culture Drama Readings: Oedipus the King, Part I & Part II Writing Process Practice: Short Story Explanatory Essay Multiple Genres Overview Connection: Letter Poetry Collection Short Story Memoir Media Newscast Articles Oral Presentations Novels and Novel Excerpts